See What Our Clients Are Saying

“ET Irrigation not only reduced our water expense by about $23,000 over the past three years while maintaining a great aesthetic appearance, they also gave me peace of mind! Brian and his team are dedicated to providing exceptional knowledge and service.”
Steve S.
Woodspear Properties
After installing a Smart controller per Brian's recommendation, we are saving water and have reduced our water cost. It is nice working with a company that cares about adding value to their services by being proactive with common sense strategies to promote water conservation."
Debbie S.
Puesta Del Sol, Avon Colorado
We are grateful that we selected ET Irrigation for an initial assessment, followed by a plan, followed by implementation of the plan, followed by ongoing management. We have saved over a million gallons of water on just half of our property. ET will start on our other half soon, and we expect the same substantial results. The staff is very responsive, not only to fix problems but to explain the fix, and recommend strategies to prevent future problems. Most professional in bringing us from old to new technology. We have 124 owners who want their lawns to be beautiful, yet not waste precious water. ET shares their desires and has worked successfully to make it happen
Fieldstone at Tallyn's Reach
“With almost 20 acres of campus, landscaping and irrigation were two of my favorite battles! Since teaming up with ET Irrigation, just over two years ago, my issues have dropped to almost zero. No more over/under watering issues. My system is maintained above expectations all year long. I’m saving money and water and my landscaping looks better than ever. Brian and Bob are excellent guys to work with. They not only managed my program, but taught me a thing or two! They are on top of their game. They know how to do it right and keep the customer in mind. Will continue using them!”
Steve J.
Visa Facilities