Smart Practices. Sustainable Results.

Producing Sustainable Results

ET Irrigation’s water management services are producing sustainable financial results for community associations, office buildings, retail centers, single-family homeowners and other property owners and managers throughout Colorado.


Tallyn’s Reach

ET Irrigation has averaged a 

20 million

gallons reduction over two years based off the 5-year historical consumption


ET Irrigation reduced Trailside HOA’s water costs by 


Coal Creek Villages

Upon updating conventional hardware, ET Irrigation has reduced Coal Creek’s consumption by 

2.7 million

gallons compared to their five year average

Fieldstone HOA

ET Irrigation helped Fieldstone HOA take advantage of the City of Aurora’s controller rebate program. The capital improvements will be

paid for

by water savings along with rebate funds within two irrigation seasons.

Champagne HOA

ET Irrigation has sustained water consumption


below previous 5 year historical average.

The Pointe

ET Irrigation reduced water consumption by


VS. the 3 and 5 year historical averages.

Park Monaco

ET Irrigation helped utilize over 


in rebate AND reduced water consumption by 30%.

Blue Heron Estates

Water use reduced by an average of 

1.1 million

gallons in the first two years.

The Orchards

Sustained water use reduction for

6 years


Woodlands HOA

ET Irrigation while taking advantage of over 


in rebate AND reduced water consumption by 30%.