Changing The Model. Changing The Outcome.


  1. We have a dedicated focus on sustainable landscape water use.
  2. Accountability towards defined water budgets.
  3. Utilization of new technologies to optimize water savings.
  4. Utilization of closed-loop management process providing:
    • Prompt identification and correction of system issues.
    • Work order report generation for issues and repairs.

What We Do

Changing The Model, Changing The Outcome


Monitoring of controller settings: Including 24/7 monitoring
(if proper tools on site).
Regular inspections: Recurring site visits to visually inspect all system components in operation.
Work order generation: Capture of system issue per controller/per zone with location and pictures


Creating a road map that outlines actions/initiatives that can be undertaken to improve system performance and overall efficiency.

System Maintenance

Completion of generated work orders to repair, replace, or upgrade failed components to restore system to the most efficient operating condition possible.

System Modernization

By integrating the latest irrigation technologies one can maximize the water use savings potential effectively creating compelling ROI’s and produce sustainable financial results.


Total Saved

with ET Irrigation in 2020


Acres of Irrigated Turf Space


Million Gallons Saved with ET
Irrigation on Site


Total Annual Reduction
in Water Consumption