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Specializing in Irrigation Management and Smart Controller Installation

Seeing what was possible with new technologies within the field of irrigation management, Brian founded ET Irrigation with a company philosophy driven by achieving greater water use efficiency in the landscape and reduced overall water expense for his clientele. Brian embraced the new technologies more specifically those created around irrigation scheduling i.e. “Smart Controllers”. These solutions, combined with best management practices, have produced compelling water savings results for properties Brian and his company service.

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Our goal is to provide a knowledgeable, organized, and professional service with a proactive approach towards Water Conservation moving clients towards being socially responsible while creating a direct and tangible benefit that is both financially and aesthetically sustainable.

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Brian Bair

Owner and CEO

ET Irrigation was established in 2011  by owner Brian Bair. Brian has a degree in Park Resource Management from Kansas State University and has been co-owner of Gardener’s Touch, a landscape maintenance and renovation company, established in 1998. Brian’s focus is creating site specific solutions, providing the most sustainable and efficient irrigation management services to ET Irrigation’s clientele.


Robert Olson

Director of Business Development

Certified industry professional with 30+ years of experience. Held sales and management positions at Rain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing Company and ET water. Now focused on ET Irrigation’s business development and strategic growth. Frequently presents a CEU accredited class on water use efficiency in the landscape entitled. Colorado Water – Be Aware – Use With Care.  


Tyler Watson

Operations Manager

Tyler is a CIT (Certified Irrigation Technician) as well as a CLIA (Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor) with the IA. Tyler has been with the company since inception.  Tyler’s focus is delivering  cost effective and sustainable water management results to ET Irrigation’s clientele.